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22 Sep 2010

Maserati product range MY 2011

The MY2011 introduces a few significant updates across the Maserati product range, starting from the MC Sport Line options package, a special series of options with a decided sporty character which made its debut in December 2008 on the GranTurismo and which was then extended with MY2010 to the Quattroporte range as well.

The MC Sport Line is designed to enhance the sporty DNA of Maseratis for those customers who like to display their passion for racing through a dynamic look and a choice of technical solutions that increase the driving fun without compromises.

The name “MC Sport Line” sums up the experience acquired on track by the Maserati Corse racing department, whose contribution to the design of the functional components has been invaluable. The world of motor racing also inspired Maserati’s designers when it came to styling, hence the extensive use of carbon fiber, which plays a key role in the newly developed contents as well.

In the footsteps of the success registered by the MC Sport Line option package during the past year, these new features are especially thought for the GranTurismo, whereas the current options remain available on the Quattroporte:

  • Carbon fibre oval exhaust pipes for the GranTurismo S contribute to the already breath-taking sound of the powerful V8 engine while ensuring a very light structure;
  • Carbon fibre side skirts leverage on the technology adopted by Maserati Corse on the GranTurismo MC Trofeo and GT4. The side skirts in carbon fibre guarantee the same aerodynamic efficiency and enhance the side view of the car with a renewed sporty look;
  • Aerodynamic fins in the rear bumper, complete the external package emphasizing the aggressive look of the rear;
  • Brake calipers in matt Red. This new calipers’ colour is obtained through a chemical treatment and fits perfectly with the new matt exterior colours’ offering.
  • Antireflective band with Maserati logo on the front windscreen to reduce glare while driving. This content is leveraged from the GranTurismo MC Trofeo car to ensure an even better driving experience also on normal roads;
  • Choice of Trident logo livery to place on the roof of the car or V-stripe and Trident logo for bonnet and roof respectively to stress even more the sporty look of the car’s exterior.

Exterior colour offering

At the Geneva Auto Show in March, Maserati introduced three new exterior colours, in addition to the extensive range of metallic, pastel and pearlescent colours already available:

  • Matt Bianco Fuji, a colour that is both light and supple at the same time;
  • Matt Blu Mediterraneo (bright blue), sporty and vivacious;
  • Matt Grigio Granito (dark grey), elegant and understated.

These shades, thanks to their metallic particles, show surprising depth in the sun, creating a stunning volume effect whilst maintaining a lightness of form at the same time. Starting with MY2011, they will now be available on both GranTurismo and GranCabrio.

The Argento Luna will now be available on the GranCabrio as well as special paint bringing up to 15 the number of exterior body colours available on this model.


Together with the recently introduced Carbalho and Moonwood woods, Maserati introduced a new wood finishing, named Padouk. The Padouk wood has its origins in the tropical Africa and shows a naturally red tridimensional texture which combines perfectly with sporty interiors. The Carbalho finishing will now be available also on the GranTurismo, whereas the Moonwood will now be available on the GranTurismo and Quattroporte range.

The leather colour offering across all models will undergo some relevant updates. The Blue Profondità (deep blue) leather colour, first introduced on the GranCabrio, is now replacing the Blu Navy also on Quattroporte and GranTurismo. The Pearl Beige leather colour, also introduced on the GranCabrio, will now be available on all models instead of the Grigio Ghiaccio (ice grey)


Maserati product range MY 2011
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